The Hold: XBLIG review archive

Here are my opinions of the Xbox Live Indie Games games I’ve reviewed, condensed into ravioli-like digestible single-sentence packages. Click on a title to go to the full review.

80 Microsoft points

Bit Crunch: Atari-tinged ambush frustration

Explosionade: Fun puzzle-tinged platformer uses detonation as a solution

EvilQuest: Super Nintendo RPG abbreviated

フェナックむら ものがたり or FenackStory: Ten-minute Zelda

Final Rift: Console Elite with less tedium and more manageable controls

Flycatcher: Pendulous platformer has potential but needs work.

Goolin: press A to fail

House of Spice: House of Cockroach with 5% less boredom

In the Pit: Blind monster executes the helpless by sound

Infinity Danger: Twin-stick boss fight marathon goes Skynet on your ass

KGB Episode One: Bargain military FPS is good for indies, not so much elsewhere

Lair of the Evildoer: Randomised levels extend humorous twin-stick roguelike

Leave Home: Brief shooter’s pretensions of infinite variety deflated by repetition

Lucky Game: Ball-launching slot machine tedium offers new possibilities for drug-free anaesthesia

Mega Monster Mania: Gauntlet on ice

Mummies vs Gunn.S: Crap title adequately represents clunky zombie FPS

Oozi: Earth Adventure – Episode 1: Decent platformer pines for the Mega Drive

Random the Dungeon: Too much random, not enough fun

Rock Bottom: A game developer rubbing buffalo feces on your face.

We Are Cubes: Very professional retro arcade game tests your skill at shooting blobs.

Zombie Crossing: Zombies would cross the street to avoid this shoddy tower defence fiasco.

240 Microsoft points

House of Cockroach: Gunless lightgun game makes futility an art form and misery an inevitability

Oil Magnate: Slick oil-management game makes a mistake that kills off wildlife.

Old School Destruction: Loading screens with occasional ugly game interludes

400 Microsoft points

Flotilla: Ender’s Game goes all Douglas Adams when you’re trying to strategically destroy a yeti’s space fleet

This page is updated as I add new full length reviews.

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